Collection of wines with sophisticated tastes.

Todays territory of Slovenia has a rich winemaking tradion.
It started way back in 3rd century BC. But today Slovenian winemakers with their enthusiasm, stamina and environmental care are gaining reputation across the wine world as a top quality boutique wine producers.

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Fine Slovenian Wine works closely with boutique wine estates in Slovenia, producing premium wines. All the wines are shipped directly from the wine cellars where they were produced and matured. Taste the diversity of wine types and enjoy them from the comfort of your home. Taste, Love, and Enjoy the wines of Slovenia! Cheers!

Natural wine

Teran, Rencel



All bottles are shipped directly from the producer in cases of six bottles. Please select your case or cases from your prefered wine estate/producer. You can order a case of 6 bottles of one product or mix and match with other products from the same wine estate/producer.

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