10 reasons why wine is the best gift

Some of us (including me) don’t always have the best idea of ​​what to bestow for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, moving in, and other occasions. Nowadays, when we are flooded with everything, it is difficult to choose the “right” gift, especially if you have to give it to someone for whom you can not find time in your busy schedule more than 2x a year. Or you need to gift a business partner or friend that you think has it all?

Over the last few years, I’ve found that there is a universal gift for all occasions. A gift that always works and is accessible to all: wine.

And why is wine a gift you can’t miss?


Wine is a very useful gift that is easy to consume. You will rarely meet a person who never drinks or who has no friends with whom to share wines or in the worst case, give the wine forward.
Wine is actually with us during every celebration, in some cultures it is even on the table during the main meal. A glass of wine is also welcome during business and family lunches / dinners, celebrations or on summer evenings on the terrace or in winter in front of the fireplace.
So it is very unlikely that your gift will be forgotten on the shelf and will be another dust collector. Unless the donated wine has a symbolic meaning and it is intended for aging.


We usually enjoy wine in a company. What could be an better gift for celebrating a long-lasting friendship or a successful partnership?
And we should not overlook the fact that with good wine it is always fun (of course we are not talking about excessive consumption of it). We relax over wine and wine adds a touch of homeliness.
Isn’t it nice to use a carefully selected gift to brighten up gatherings with friends, family or business partners?

3. A gift with which you can make a good impression

Wine can be a very personal gift and with that in mind it is suitable for any situation. If you make a little effort when choosing wine you will definitely leave a great impression no matter the occasion.
With a flood of products on the market and when everyone buys what they need or want, wine is a much less risky purchase than, for example, choosing the right perfume, book, flower …
What is it called? Minimal risk for maximum return!
However, when buying wine, I warmly recommend that you find out about the winemaker and his philosophy or the story of the wine you are giving.

4.Gift tailored to any budget

If the price of the gift is a problem, you can quickly eliminate it by choosing a wine. You can choose the wine in all price ranges and you can adapt it to all tastes. With an investment of € 15, you can present a very good Slovenian wine from excellent boutique winegrowers who write a story with their wine.
For 30 – 40 € you can get a magnum bottle of excellent Pinot noir or aged Blue franconian. You can always ask for some special wine whose taste will stay with you long after enjoying it. There is a saying: “for every disease a herb grows” and “for every taste you can find a wine”.
So if you want to make an impression, wine offers you countless opportunities. If we think only of Slovenian winemakers – what do you think about Vitovska aged in a barrel made of karst stone? Or on a Traminer aged for over 25 years in a barrique barrel? Maybe a selection of predicate wine? What about a couvee made for a specific client? Or wines of special vintages? Every wine cellar hides something special that you can get in limited quantities – if you only ask for it .

5. A great last minute gift for parties and celebrations

Are you in a hurry to a party and don’t have a gift yet? Nevermind. Opt for a bottle of wine that you can buy on the way to the party. If you do not have much time, choose a label that catches your eye. The sleek label and beautiful bottle work perfectly. At the end add a gift bag or a bow around the neck of the bottle.

6. Wine expresses you and your attitude towards the person

The bottle of wine expresses you and your attitude towards the person for whom the wine is intended or the person with whom you will drink the wine. Will it be a young Teran or an aged orange wine, perhaps a young Pinela or a rich Chardonnay. Will the wine be youthful or full and rich in taste? Will it be fruity or complex? Wine is a great way to show how well you know a person and how important he/she is to you . Or choose a wine with which you can’t miss – Gamay for example.

7. Symbol for special celebrations

Some wines and certain vintages can be aged for decades. Wine is a great gift for anniversaries, birthdays, special celebrations or for special people who perceive wine as an art. For speciall occasions carefully choose a winemaker and wine with a story.

8. Personalized gift

Design your own labels to create a custom gift for any occasion. A bottle of good wine with a personalized label is perfect for special occasions such as New Year, wedding, birth and anniversaries.
In addition to a personalized bottle, you can also include accessories such as an opener, bottle holders, decanter, glasses. No matter what you are celebrating, at Fine Slovenian Wine we advise you which wine to choose and how to personalize it.

9. A glass of wine for health

Of course, if we do not overdo it, wine is quite welcome on a daily basis. If consider Italians and French, their daily ritual is a glass of wine during a meal (not before, not after, but during). Why? Wine helps digest food. Alcohol dissolves fats, and acids ensure better absorption of substances from food. However, numerous epidemiological studies have shown that phenolic compounds limit the occurrence of certain diseases, such as cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and Parkinson’s disease. “(STA: https: //krog.sta .si / 2517862 / znanost-nad-mite-o-prehrani-ali-je-vino-actual-good-for-blood-and-digestion)

10. Hmmm ….. what about “if” …

Nevermind. In case “IF” occurs and the person does not drink wine, there is a high probability that the wine will still end in the company of friends or be “recycled” and passed on as a gift. So whichever way we look at it, someone will enjoy your selection of wine.

Let wine and enjoying wine be as an art. After all, if you meet a winemaker, you can really understand that in every bottle of wine there is a passion for creating something extraordinary, the most of the vintage. When you know more about the winemaker and his philosophy, your gift will have a story.

Don’t forget to check our offer of wines from boutique Slovenian family-run winecellars. Upon request we will help you to find the wines for your special occasion. We deliver wine in Slovenia, across European Union and United States. By request also to the other parts of the world.

Enjoy the passion and love for good things!
Cheers and many beautiful moments in a pleasant company with good wine.

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