Doktor Suc 38


At the Vrabči Homestead, we are truly proud of this special drink. First-class schnapps and hand-picked herbs from our home and its surroundings are exquisitely blended and presented in an elegant bottle. We are convinced that Doctor Šuc is an excellent gift and, above all, something that all lovers of good things should have in their home bar. Our grandmother Minka would say, “Every flower heals something, and if it is in schnapps, that much more!” There are many beverages with herbs and spices on the market, but ours is special. Anyone who tries it is positively surprised by its taste, as they expect something completely different.

  • ABV: 35%
  • Producer: Vrabci Homestead
  • Region:  Karst
  • Bottle size: 500 ml
  • Sugar (g/l): 60
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