Koromac (semi-sweet spirit with fennel)


You cannot miss the sight or smell of fennel while walking around the Karst. Fennel is a vegetable that is a constant feature in Karst farms as it is often included in cooking. It is probably no wonder that it found its way into schnapps, too. With a little added sugar, a semi-sweet spirit was created that lures and overwhelms with its aroma, while its special color fascinates the eye. Take your time to appreciate the colour while pouring it. The first contact with its aroma can be a special ritual, as it momentarily conveys us to this wonderful part of Slovenia, to the dry karstic grassland of peculiar beauty and charm.

  • Description: semi-sweet spirit with fennel
  • ABV: 37%
  • Producer: Vrabci Homestead
  • Region:  Karst
  • Bottle size: 500 ml
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