Orehovc (semi-sweet spirit with walnut)


Orehovc is one of our homestead’s drinks with the longest tradition. This is a semi-sweet spirit in which green walnuts bathe and sunbathe for a long time. Our grandmothers are convinced that this drink, with its intense taste and strong brown colour, is the ultimate medicine for all of the stomach ailments that may befall us. What we want to say is that this is something to be put in every medicine cabinet at home. It can be offered as a digestif after every meal. Well, perhaps not after breakfast. Unless, of course, we speak of the breakfast of champions.

  • Sugar (g/l): 33
  • ABV: 25%
  • Producer: Vrabči Homestead
  • Region:  Karst
  • Bottle size: 500 ml
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