Sostanca za BRINTONIK (a blend of juniper brandy with domestic spirits)


A new star has arisen in the story of the Vrabči Homestead. A bora wind of creativity howled through the place and they mixed it with the noble essence of the Karst, starting a new chapter in thier lives. Vrabči Homestead is the first homestead in Slovenia to boast an original recipe for a cocktail from one of the most exquisite fruits of the Karst – juniper (in Slovene: brin). They have interpreted the current trends surrounding gin in their own specific way, included the tradition of Slovenia, and thus ’invented’ the first original Karst cocktail – BRINTONIK (JUNIPERTONIC). They achieved its refreshing taste by adding local herbs and some other spirits to gin, which serves as the base spirit (‘šoštanca’) for the cocktail. All of this was harmonised with a pinch of Mediterranean flavour in the form of citrus fruits – lemon and grapefruit – and rounded into a whole with a carefully selected tonic. Thus, an excellent cocktail for summer days was created with a light taste of gin that has by no means lost its distinctive character in this blend.

  • – 1 shot (0.3 dl) of ‘šoštanca’ (base spirit)
  • – ½  shot of red grapefruit juice
  • – ¼ shot of lemon juice
  • – 1.25 dl of Fever Tree tonic
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